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    2006 Sea Doo RXP - Water Depth Display

    Late April I bought a 2006 Sea Doo RXP from a local dealer. Included in my purchase price was a full 6 month in-house warranty. One of the things I've noticed has not worked from day one was the Water Depth Display. Is that a standard feature for this ski? From reading the operator's guide it appears so, but I'm not sure. It isn't a big deal, but after the season is up I'd like them to fix it under warranty if it is standard.

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    It isn't standard but can be added. If your display shows it then it could if been activated accidently.

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    Wow i was just getting ready to post about my 2006 rxp depth display is that under the rpm guage ? It came on and started blinking i didnt know what it was has never came on before.

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    I appreciate the input mrbdt. I'll assume my didn't have it. It would have been nice, but I wouldn't have forked out money for it anyways.

    Vinny, yes it is right below the tachometer. I'm trying to remember, mine shows two dashes - - but I can't remember if they are solid or blinking. I won't be out on the water again for at least a week.

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