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    What is the right oil to use?

    I am going to start using amsoil and im not sure which one would be best for a polaris msx 140. I think the interceptor 2 cycle oil would be fine but it does not have a tcw3 rating on it which the polaris requires. The hp injector oil says it is tcw3 rated so im confused on which one is the better one to use. Also is there a good alternative oil to use when I can not get a hold of amsoil? Polaris oil is hard to come by so im not using that.

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    I was using Amsoil HP Injector oil in my own Ficht engines, including an MSX 140.

    Edit: I have now switched to Legend ZX-2R 2-stroke oil as of 2012

    Lots of oil discussions previously posted

    Note that your fuel injected engine does not allow for pre-mixing of the oil, so the oil injection system must be maintained.
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    If you're using Amsoil, I'd use the HP Injector over the Interceptor. One of the most easily found brand name 2 stroke oils is Yamalube 2S. I'd personally use that.

    Skip the TCW3 rated oils, and look for one that is ISO EGD or JASO FC rated (none of the Amsoil oils meet these specs, so don't bother looking for it)...they are better for your motor. Polaris had their head up their butt when they spec'd TCW3 oil. Its a long story, but there are posts on here where I go into greater detail.
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    I thought Interceptor was JASO FC rated

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    Quote Originally Posted by BryanP View Post
    I thought Interceptor was JASO FC rated
    Nope, it's NOT actually certified...but they make it "appear" to be. They just put "use where JASO FC" is recommended. They have no actual certification number.

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    Oil is a huge debate on the Seadoo boards, and since I have a few seadoo's in the stable... I use XPS semi-synthetic in the Genesis. It's API-TC and JASO-FC cert. (it's one of the Seadoo/BRP oils)

    Just an FYI on the oils....

    The TC-w3 oils are designed to keep the tree huggers happy. They removed most of the Salts, Soaps, and Azo Metal Complexes. This is how they make it "Ashless", and the Phosphate free additives make it more environmentally friendly. SeaDoo was the only company to not fall for the load of crap that the NMMA fed the boat manufactures to convince them to push their certification.

    Since Bombardier made snow mobiles... they wanted one oil, and the TC-w3 oils couldn't take the HP levels, and cold temps. Then after their own testing... they found that it would stick rings, and gum up the power valves (RAVE's) in the watercraft... so after 1989... they only recommended oils with the API-TC cert. (similar to the JASO-FC)

    Polaris (From what I can tell) recommended the TC-w3 oils for a while... but they figured out that the engines didn't live long enough... so they switched to the API-TC oils just before stopping PWC manufacturing.

    Does that sound right guys??

    FYI #2... Good oil is why I have a 96 Seadoo XP, with the factory 110 HP 800cc engine, that is still running as good as new. (Let's find a GP800 Yamaha lasting that long)

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