This past weekend the National Guard / Black Star Motorsports / Jettribe team descended on Montgomery, AL for the much anticipated US Open of Watercross. It was Round 2 of the UWP-IJSBA National Tour. It would be the first time the tour had taken place in Montgomery and the city put a lot on the line to accommodate our event. The amphitheater and spectator areas were perfect to enjoy the action on the water.

The team was coming off a solid performance at Round 1 in Panama City a few weeks ago and looked to build on their season. The teamís youngest rider, Alec Hohnadell once again dominated the Expert Ski Limited class, while also showing solid performances in Ski GP and Pro Ski Stock Spec.

Cameron Frame proved again he's a contender in the Pro Runabout Stock class, which was one of the largest classes of the weekend and was highly contested. Cameron laid down a solid top 5 finish, and the damage to his Yamaha FZR was a reminder of how competitive this class has become this season. Cameron also earned a 3rd overall in the Runabout N/A Spec class.

One of the teamís best performances of the weekend was turned in by Trey Frame. Frame finished an impressive 1st overall finish in the premier Pro Runabout Open class versus some of the best riders in the US. This after taking a nasty 80+mph skip across the river at the start of moto 3 which left him bruised and battered. The final moto had Trey taking a wire to wire victory. "This was one of the biggest wins of my career, and when better to happen for our team than on Memorial Day Weekend!" said the National Guard sponsored rider. Also, Trey pulled off another 1st place overall in the Runabout N/A Spec class.

As Round 3 of the UWP-IJSBA National Tour heads to Racine, WI the next page to the seasonís long drama of watercross racing is waiting to be written!