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    just picked up a slt750....

    with a shuttlecraft boat and trailer... got a good deal i think 300 bucks... so my main question would be, the title says year as 2000 but i dont think these slt 750's are made that current.. any input would be nice thanks..

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    Last two digits on the HIN number plate on the rear deck are the model year.

    Check out my signature links for things you should get done before you start riding that Polaris.

    Shuttlecraft? As in U-shaped barge that the PWC pushes around?

    If yes, then be doubly thorough about maintenance and recommended upgrades. The extra load on the PWC engine takes a toll.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    SLT 750's were only made in 1994 and 1995

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    thanks for thew info guys.. yeah it is a big u shaped thing the ski pushes around... im thinking of selling that part off and getting a trailer for just the ski. the ski had bad gas in it so i drained it and ran thru the paces and got fuel to the carbs and it still wouldnt start. so i pulled the carbs off and found that they had varnish in them and the diaphragms were like solid so i bought three carb rebuild kits 100$ then changed the diaphragms and checked the needles and cleaned that part of the carbs out, then put it back together and bang she ran! but wont rev up... idles a tad high i think and wont rev more than 1000 rpms higher than its current idle id say. i guess ima have to pull carbs again and fully rebuild them, unless any one has any ideas on the issue. ??

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    Go through the ENTIRE fuel system - fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel selector valve, carb rebuild. Make sure the whole system is 100% good.

    While you are at it, do all the other recommended checks, tests and maintenance. Compression, oil system, and so on. Lots of tips and info through my signature links.

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