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    What kind of wax for my black 07 FXHO?

    Trying to get a clean gel coat any recommendations?

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    Any wax that is not Carnuba. Carnuba just doesn't stand up to the marine environment all that well. Use a synthetic wax like Meguiar's NXT or I like Rejex which can be found at any Ace Hardware. Follow it up with a quick coat of Aerospace 303 to resist water spots the best. Depending on the mineral content of the water you ride in you may still get hard water spots no matter what you do but doing this will help them come off much easier.

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    Where can I buy Aerospace 303? Thanks

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    Check this out for after also when you get off the water spots.

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    I use meguriers carnuba plus. But like Hitman said, synthetic wax will last longer. I also use mother's back to black on the trim. It conditions the plastic really well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 800AMSOIL4U View Post
    Check this out for after also when you get off the water spots.
    Yep.......I polish the hull with Fluid Film now & find it gives better results then the wax I was using.

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