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    Need sizing info on this jet pilot O.G. life jacket..

    First off I ordered an o'neill assault life jacket in a size larger which says (39-41" chest) my chest is approx 41-42 so figured the large would fit as I have never worn a XL in anything I always where a larger shirt..well it was too tight my chest was too thick for the jacket sent it back and they didn't have anymore got to looking and like this jet pilot one better anyway.

    the larger in this jacket also says 39-41" chest question jet pilot sized small like o'neill jackets? anyone have a jet pilot that can give me a little size info cut small etc? leaning towards ordering an XL but it would be my luck it would be too big! thanks

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    I bought a liquid force that, when I put it on, felt too small (no doubt). I could zip it fully, but it felt like my breathing could be affected. I'm 41", jacket was for 41-44. Bought a bigger one. Became apparent that the jacket stretches a little in the water. The smaller one fits perfect and doesn't ride up. Gave the bigger one to my dad.

    Eh.. this post is worthless.

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