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    Any tips for removing sealant around shoe bolts

    3 of the 4 shoe bolts in my 2002 FX140 are spinning in the hull. I need to remove the crud around them to grab the insert or nut I guess that's underneath. I can shave off thin layers with a razor blade, but before I spend an entire afternoon scraping, I thought I'd see if there's any tips or tricks of the trade to speed up the process. I was thinking about trying a Dremel with a cutting blade, but I don't want to damage the hull or the bolt.

    Picture attached if you don't know what I'm talking about. It's brown goop, but after scraping a little of it looks like it was originally white (discolored from oil after the ski threw a rod and sat for awhile). I'm assuming it's factory, but I guess it could be one of the 3M products.

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    Ive used an air chisel. I know guys that have used an old beater screwdriver and just gave it a couple of whacks. Just be sure not to dig into the fiberglass.

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    use a electric heat gun to heat the goop around the insert real good till it starts to smoke and turn brown and then take a screwdriver or putty knife and it will pop right off the hull or if the bolt is out after heating real good with the heat gun use a long thin punch in the bolt hole and a hammer give the punch a good hit and it should pop right off Tommy Jordan

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