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    Bad Coil or is it something worst?

    So everythingís running fine and Iím just about out of the channel,I hit the throttle and all I get is an engine alarm and the ski is limited toabout 3000rpm, I turn the ski off and try and start it again and it seems fine. Itry this again and it starts up and goes to 3000rpm and sits there for about 3sec alarms and drops down to rough idle. I get it out of the water and start it up and it does the same thing, startsup and goes to 3000rpm and sit there for about 3 sec alarms and drops down torough idle. If you give it a bit, itback fires and carries on. Got it home and wash and flushed it and it use to drop down to idleafter about 3 sec, now it stays at about 3000rpm. Fault codes are p1615 &P1611 which the sea doo dealer says itís a throttle position error. Iíve had a good look at everything and one of my coils looks like itís had it butI donít understand why if itís one of my coils shouldnít it just be running roughnot sitting at 3000rpm.
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    Not likely the coil is causing that problem but they will need to be replaced soon. I ran with 2 coils like that for months without problems before finding a mint set from a member here CamarO who doesn't live far from me.

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    Thanks eb 87, it goes into the dealer on Monday the ski is still under warranty so they should replace the coil as I’ve only had it for about 6 weeks - it was one of their demos. I found a good post on cracked coils.

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    Turns out they need to replace the computer, has anyone else heard of this failure before it's only two years old.

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