My project Waverunner came with this trailer which is solid enough (just giving it new hubs, and respray etc) but obviously not a purpose built for the ski.

Attachment 241051

Attachment 241050

As you can see it has some easy glide type covered bunks supported by 16mm dia threaded adjusters, which seem to have been purposely bent out a little to align the bunks with the ski, but I am concerned they may bend out more and drop the ski. There are also some small roller brackets on the beam so I considered putting a couple of rollers in them for the base of the ski to sit on, but that seems like a lot of load on a very small surface area?

How about putting a carpeted plank on that center beam instead of the roller brackets, and let that take most of the load, and then the bunks are more for balance than taking all the weight? Also thought about putting some supports from further out to the sides, angled back in to the current bunks to stop them possibley moving outwards.

Or just forget support in the middle, dump the threaded adjusters, and weld up some solid support brackets to hold the bunks?

What do you think?

Unfortunatly here in Western Australia trailer parts are more expensive and less choice, hence trying to keep it simple and DIY, rather than just bolt on truckloads of new roller beams etc