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    knock sensor causes?

    2002 f12 nonturbo.Okay still fighting the fi code. Runs about 49mph (gps) at about 6800 or 7000 rpms for about 10 minutes and when i slow down for a no wake zone it starts to beep and flash fi. Checked code again and it showed knock sensor. I tried to check code again and it will only flash five blinks. I dont understand it. Why does the service manual not say anything about what could cause a knock sensor to set off? Only says loose connection or bad sensor. What about low octane gas? The ski was half full when i got it and i topped it off with premium but could something as simple as an octane booster be the fix. Is the only fix a $100 gamble. Also flashed battery while on the hose in the yard and my battery is testing 14 while running. I really got a feeling another knock sensor is not gonna be my fix.

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    I am getting a knock sensor on my 06 F12X and the dealer is jerking me around. I don't know what is causing it and I am just starting to look into replacing it myslef.

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