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    flipped my 1300r today, Got water in motor...some questions

    Hey guys,

    I flipped my gp1300r today and it took a while to get back to flip it back over. It took on so much water that the back half of it was under...I had to tow it back to shore. Got all of the water out, and took the plugs out to see water in each cylinder. I shot that out, and then got it started and ran it for a while to burn everything else out. It seemed to accelerate a little slower, although it could be my imagination since I was expecting something to be wrong. I bought new plugs for it after I got back off the lake so maybe that will help. I also ran it on the hose with clean water.

    My questions:

    Anything else I need to do or check?

    Why did it take on so much water so fast? I have flipped over other jetskis and had no issue like this...

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    My aunts boy Friend sunk one of our old skis, buy trying to get on it again and again. A cop happen by and toed it in. I shot all the water out of the it put new plug in and ran it the rest of the day. That night I put a tea spoon of 2 stroke oil in each spark plug hole and turn the motor over by hand. The next time a road it smoke allot for about 5 minuets, But the ski ran for 7 or so years before I sold it with the same still running motor. Am thinking around 400 to 500 hrs on it. I think your motor will be OK. But I had a Friend that got hot spots on the pistons from getting water in the motor. So pray to the jet ski Gods that yours is OK. positive thinking

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    got it started and ran it for a while to burn everything else out
    What's "a while"?
    Need to run the snot out of it for at least a half hour to get all the water out.

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