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    Gp1200r dies under sudden acceleration, fine at WOT

    I took my ski out today, i bought it a month ago, when i got it, it worked great, on the river today, the first few min it was great, but then at idle, if i hit full throttle, the engine would rev for a sec up to 3k rpm and then die. If i accelerate slower past 3-4k rpm, then hit wide open throttle, it pulls hard, no problems, no hesitations or anything. I was thinking maybe jetting in the carb, but then at random times sitting at idle it would accelerate just fine. I am at a loss.

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    Today when i woke up i also noticed oil coming out of the exhaust in the back. Is this normal? i don't remember my 98 gp doing that. Any help? its going to be really nice next week i want to take care of this asap

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    I've been fighting with a porblem with my ski for over a month, learned a couple things, do a check of powervalves if you have them, take seat off,crank engine hit stop button you should hear a buzz,buzz and you can see pv move, this should rule pv out.

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    Yeah i checked the power valves first. Is it normal for oil to be coming out of your exhaust in the back, i literally have a line of oil come out of the exhaust and a small pool built up on top of the ride plate

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    bump? Can anyone help suggest anything? i really don't have the money to take it into a shop and have them charge me $70 an hour

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    start with a compression check and report back

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    I also agree that it is probably something with the carbs. Make sure you don't run lean because it'll seize.

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    I did a compression check, i believe it was 115 or 120 across all cylinders, i cant remember i did it yesterday. I was thinking carbs or something with the oil, because there always oil around the exhaust, like coming out of it. Today i took it out on the water, it was pretty calm, did fine at full speed until 2 min in, it started dying for a sec then picked back up. did the same thing a few min later.. how hard is it to rebuild carbs, i have nightmares of opening those things up :-/

    Oh and thanks for the replies

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    I had my carbs sent out to Island Racing. They're a little pricy, but the work is good. There are many threads on how to rebuild them yourself however.

  10. #10 sounds like or it's possible it could be an intake air or exhaust leak. If you're leaking oil around the exhaust.., did you check to see if the boots around the stinger/waterbox and entire exhaust system are tight?

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