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    Where do 99(or any year for that matter) ultras leak from??????

    Mines taking on water. I've replaced the shaft /bearing carrier and sealed it up thinking this was the spot where all the water was coming from, also checked and replaced motor mounts.... Went for a ride and an hour into it I had 4 inches of water in the hull....

    Anybody have an ultra 150 leak through the bow where the top deck bolts to the hull? I don't know if this could be where the water is comes in from but the nose takes a lotnof water over the top while riding?

    My hull plugs are original, and the threads look good so I don't think it's the hull plugs..

    Anybody got any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting??????

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    Does it fill only when riding? Or will it fill just sitting in the water tied to the dock? If it's only when running, I'd be looking for a leaking water log or a leaking hose somewhere.

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    The rubber seals on my drain plugs got real mushy and wouldn't seal. I put a couple of garden hose washers on and problem solved.

    Have you run it with the seat off to try to see a leak?

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    1 up on the waterlog.

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    The waterlog if it was out for the winter. The water does not drain all the way back because of the angle of the motor so you are prone to cracks from expanding ice.
    If it is a 99 and has the first 99 hood then it will always take in water if the front goes under due to the air system, that's one of the main reasons Kawi changed it in later years.

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