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    Jet Ski Fishing Chesapeake Light Tower--Coming Up With Spades

    Yesterday I woke up at 2:59 am and left my house in Poquoson Va. by 0400 hrs with my jet ski in tow.
    I dropped my jet ski at Owls Creek Boat Ramp and Departed Rudee Inlet just as the sun was coming up. I stopped and threw a live eel at a couple of buoys hoping for a Cobia before making my way to the Chesapeake Light Tower. The CLT is about 15 miles offshore of Virginia Beach.
    I was the second one there so it was pretty easy for me to get set up on the tower.
    I geared up and jumped in the cool 68 degree water finding decent visibilty of 15-20 feet and plenty of Spadefish. After easily spearing my 4 Spades I swam around trying to get a couple underwater pictures, only a couple came out. By the time I left there were about a dozen boats. I did not see anyone having luck with rod and reel but maybe It turned on later.
    On the way back I saw some big racing sailboats so I took a couple pictures of them. I also stopped at four sets of buoys still not finding any Cobia. I was back at the Ramp by 1100 hrs.
    I then went back home cleaned everything up and drove to Richmond for one of my brothers birthday bar-b-q. I finally made it home by 2100 for a good nights rest. Here are some pictures from yesterday.

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    wow your threads (pictures) are always amazing. congrats and keep it up.

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    Great thread for sure!

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