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    Angry When hookin battery terminals up on a 1999 gtx limited, it sparks with current power

    Hey jet ski fanatics this is mototrmadness, I have a 1999 gtx limited that acts like the mpem is goin bad or is shorting out.U hook the positive cable up to the battery and then the ground, the ground terminal sparks when u go to ground it.Also noticed the lanyard will not give me the two short chirps to tell me its ok and ready to start until i keep on trying to ground it. I can hook ground up and it has no power to anything until i move the ground around in one place,then it will chirp once or twice.When i get it to chirp twice it will fire up and run like a bat out of ,well u kno,but as soon as u take the laynard off, it wont start or even chirp until u keep movin the ground around until it does.U cant have the battery hooked up and then plug n laynard, it wont do anything.U have to have the laynard on it first and then start movin ground around until it chirps.I have checked all the grounds for paint and moved it n different spots,has new battery and checked the cables for broken, but everything is fine.When it does this u can jump starter solinoid and it will crank over,but produces no fire at plugs or plug wires until u move the ground around and hear the two beeps ,then it will start and run great.Any ideas would b greatly appreciated! Thanx motormadness

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    Bad ground cable.

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    +1 on the bad ground cable
    But even with a good cable you with get a spark when contecting the battery because the MPEM is constantly drawing a small amount of current

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muldoon View Post
    +1 on the bad ground cable
    But even with a good cable you with get a spark when contecting the battery because the MPEM is constantly drawing a small amount of current
    Thanx for input guys, I tryd new ground cable and no different. I have a 1998 gtx limited sitten on same trailer beside the 1999 gtx limited and it has very little spark wen hookin up ground. This 99 has quit a bit of spark and also found that the 5 amp fuse was blown. Any other Ideas would b great. Thanx guys !

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    Download the manual for your ski
    Find out what circut the fuse is supposed to protect and then look for a bad part or short in that circut

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    Hey guys i figured out that the mpem was bad.Replaced it today and the ski chirps twice,starts great and runs fine! Thanxs again for all ur input and help.Motormadness

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