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    Angry 1994 sl 650 polaris given me fuel trouble

    I have a 1994 sl 650 polaris that i rebuilt all three carbs,rebulit fuel pump and put on new fuel hoses and have cleaned the fuel petcock and put n new fuel pick up in tank.Every time i start it up it starts great and then it idles fine,but u cant rev the throttle up but two or three times and then it runs out of fuel and wants to die.But after revn it up u can let off throttle and it will idle until u cram the throttle and then it dies.The engine will run great if i choke it 3/4 of the way and then u can cram the throttle as many times u want.So i have checked for leaking head,base and intake gaskets and found nothing wrong.Engine has 115 psi on pto cylinder,115 on middle cylinder and mag has carb kits,fuel pump kit new fuel hoses and new pic up in fuel tank.Only thing that i didnt change but think it might b my problem was the reed pedals, wanted to get other opinions on this before i take carbs and intake back off.Maybe it still pullin air and i cant find it ?Any help would b deeply appreciated,Thanks Motormadness

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    I ended up going up a jet size on the lows with my 94 SL 650. I put 77.5 low speed jets in mine and it helped a lot.

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    Did you forget to transfer the brass fuel restrictor from the old return fuel line to the new return fuel hose?

    You can find more info regarding the return fuel flow restrictor in my signature links, under Fuji engine.

    If the reeds are damaged you will typically see a plume of fuel mist above the carb throat when running the engine without the flame arrestor in place.

    Are you running the correct spark plugs?

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    K447, Only hose i didnt replace was the return hose, but i will check for the brass restrictor,thanx for reminder of that i totally forgot it.Yes i have correct plugs (bpres).Next step will b replacing the reeds.Also great info on ur signature link, i appreciate all ur help!

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    BryanP, thanx for info ! i had thought bout goin up n size if new reeds dont help.Ill keep u guys informed on out come,Thanx again for ur help!

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    Where did you set your carb screws at?

    Is there any fluid inside the pulse fitting hose?

    How'd the filters look inside the carbs?

    Any external fuel filters?

    Hose clamps tight?

    What kind of hose did you use to replace the old?

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    Fuel hose is oem and filters n carbs r new along with the new rebuild kits. No external filters and high mix screws and low I have adjusted in or out and it made no difference. I did notice that I have to chock it a good bit to even rev it up and after dark last nite I noticed a ball of flame roll up out toward the carb and now think maybe the timing could b off. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Flames out the carb are usually timing issues.

    What seems to be the common problem when that happens is the woodruff key shears off on the crank where the flywheel is.

    You can also make sure you're getting good fuel flow by putting a fuel pressure gauge between the fuel pump and a carb. You should have 1-2 psi at idle and 4-6 psi at WOT.

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    Thanx man ! I'll check the key and fuel pressure next. Let u kno wen I find out

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    Hey guys this is Motor Madness. I checked the woodruff key and armature assembly, flywheel and stator plate and everything was ok. So I replaced the reed pedals and it helped a little. I have adjusted high mixture and low mixture screws in and out, but there was no improvement. For it to start the high mixture screw has to be set between 1.5 to 2.5 and low mix screw 2.5 to 3.5. Then it will idle and rev up. When u rev it up it has a little hesitation and then it revs up tp 6000 rpms 5 to 6 times in a row. If it idles long enough it will quit.Choke it and it will start back up. The owner uses pre mix gas so today i mixed 40 to 1 and it ran better. Still acts as if it is starving for fuel cause when it is idleing and tries to quit you can spray any carb intake with starting fluid and it will start back to idleing. Do you think the 3 outlet fuel pump is needed? I have rebuilt the original single outlet fuel pump. Forgot to check the fuel pressure but will check tomorrow.Any other ideas you may have could really help me out. I would appreciate it. Thanks Motor Madness P.S. Also sprayed staring fluid around all gaskets on engine , intake and carbs and cant hear engine speed up,to let me kno if its pullin air in round a gasket or something!

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