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Thread: speedo problem

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    speedo problem

    Im having a hard time finding a replacement spinner for my 07 rxp. one of the tabs broke off when I wasnt being careful strapping the ski to the trailer.

    Now at full throttle the speedo only reads between 30-32mph and I know Im going faster then that. Anyone care to point me in the direction of what im looking for? Im not even sure what it it truely called.

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    a hand held GPS -- the wish meters on the skis are never close to what speed your going anyway -- until you get to the new sea doos that using gps for the speedo but if you need to replace it go to the oem store on this site http://partsfinder.onlinemicrofiche....=13&A=149&B=31 and its item 31 ---- looks like its around 142.49 bucks

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    I know these sensors are not accurate at all but there are some places that i ride the ski that have speed limits so i kinda need to know about how fast im going so that i dont get any tickets. and for that price ill be looking for something used. i was hoping to just be able to buy the little blade thingy.

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