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    SERIOUSLY Dumb Intake Question

    Well, I guess my "noob-ness" is gonna show.

    I have a '98 STX 1100. It's interesting because I have never worked on PWC's or 2-strokes. As part of cleaning it up, I pulled the top cover of what I thought was the intake (gray cover with the "1100" on it). What I found was the 3 stacks for the carbs and what I suspect are the flame arrestor screens. I cleaned them (not too bad) and put them back, but came up with 2 questions after doing this.

    1: Do these things not have air filters?

    2: Exactly where do the carbs draw intake air from? With that cover back on I didn't see anywhere that they could get air.

    Sorry for the stupid questions, as I said this is all sort of new to me.


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    No stupid questions. Everyone has to start somewhere. Taking the gray cover off those are flame arrestors. The carbs suck air from the bottom through the flame arrestors into the carbs. Pwc do not use filters mainly due to no dirt and dust on the water.

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    10-4, thanks.

    Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing a part or something.

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