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Thread: 650 sl stall

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    Question 650 sl stall

    You guys are great but...... lol well ive upgraded the fuel system to the 780 sl punp changed all the lines re cut my spark plug boots and let me tell you its nice when your ski dont leave ya stranded it now starts idels and as good as new except when ya nail it from a dead stop weird its as if ya catch it sleeping it just dogs for a sec if ya ease in to it its fine tons of power and respons like new but i cant figure that little hicup i put a t at the fuel shut off haven't got a new one yet but it a brass t the ski is a 95 always run 93 or better with ams oil it there something im missing? ?? if you guys say it just the way they are ill just live with it. A little. Lost but love that little skin!

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    You don't need more than 89 octane with your stock engine. Any more octane just costs more money and slightly reduces engine power.

    Did you rebuild the carbs with genuine Mikuni parts kit?

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    Yes and the carbs looked clean is there a better plug than br8 ngk,? Its whats always been in there and thx for the gas tip i had no idea the really weird thing actually is i have 2 650 and they both do it? ??? There the same age actually are sequential vin numbers. Its almost weird how alike they runi figured they run 95% now maybe i should just be happy to have 2 that run that good? But it would be nice to have then 100%

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    Have you set the carb screws to the factory settings for your year?

    Are the carbs in sync?

    Was the impeller swapped at all for another?

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    i didnt move any screws on the carb i bought the skis early last year from a guy they hadnt been register for 9 years the guy i bought them from said he barley rode them then they just sat the factory covers where still on them and the paper inspection tags were still rip tied to the batter leads so i dont think anything has ever been done to them except for the fuel system upgrade the props look like new no bends or dings that i can see .maybe the screws need moved moved??? but im not sure how to do it

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    You can't assume the previous owner never messed withe the carb settings.

    Plus do to the age of the ski, and it just sitting for that long, the carbs SHOULD be rebuilt. Rubber parts will crack, things will stick, and varnish will form on parts from fuel sitting.

    Carbs can be adjusted while on the ski, but you really should remove them for rebuild, and then you can set them to factory spec for your year, or have the carbs done professionally.

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