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Thread: ECU Cost?

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    ECU Cost?

    While looking at a couple of different discount honda sites i am confused on ecu's. I may need a new ecu for my 2002 n3. Part number that is on my current ecu is 38770-hw2-622 9770-201374 A. That part shows like $900 and $1200 on some sites. Then pgm-fi unit part number 38700-hw2-305 is $300. Anyone know why or is the second cheaper part replacing the first?

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    u ever find a ecu. im lookin myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbss954 View Post
    u ever find a ecu. im lookin myself
    My problem ended up being a knock sensor. I will sell you mine if you still need it. My motor is blown so i am gonna part the whole thing out.

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    what part number is ur ecu? How much?

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