I recently purchased a 95 750 SLT with a blown engine and have swapped out the motor from a 93 polaris 750 SL. The motor worked perfect in the 93 750 SL but the body had been wreaked and repaired a couple times so the 95 SLT had a much better body and is a 3-seater. after the swap I cut the wires from the stator and used the CDI from the 95 since the gauges in the 93 SL are mechanical. I matched the wires color for color but now I have no fire on the plugs and the electronic gauge on the ski will not lite up. I don't know if the CDI or gauge was bad when I bought the blown 95 SLT with the blown engine. I am sure that the CDI worked when the engine blew because it knocked out the side of the block and surly was running when it died.

Any ideas?