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    Finally got the breakin hrs on my 2009 GTX LTD ED IS,my question is what should be my top rpms? I saw 8120 at wot,95 degree at 2000ft above sea level heavy cop 20mph winds, need to know because Solas 15/22 is in the garage just waitng to attach itself to this ski...but I do not know how to tune it,untill I know top rpm,..any and all comments is bone stock

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    Thats perfect don't switch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturm215 View Post
    Thats perfect don't switch!
    Yep.... Leave it be...

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    Here is the reason for the 15/22...Jerry is sending me a frizzle air intake ,exhaust,manifold kit,sponsons,grate,bilge kit and a few other goodies, now do you guys feel I should just stay with the stock impeller? Is 8120rpm about it for this motor,stock with no reflash,or should I be seeing a tad more in rpm,because I need to tweek this prop,,..any and all help is welcome.

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    I commend you for making it 10 hours....I only was able to go 3 hours before I went

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    I cheated a coupla,...let it be our secret

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    If you had over 2 or 3 bars of fuel those numbers were real good for the temperture. Leave it alone unless your RPM numbers fall.

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    Oh boy,was really looking forward to seeing what a tuned Solas and grate would do,..You burst my ballon..oh well,...Thanks for the input,..Any one think this is the way to go?

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