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    Wix Oil filter for the 1.8 / VXR

    Anybody has the part number handy? I did search and found two, but one is no longer listed by Wix (57000). I tried their website but no luck either.

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    The Napa Gold that I heard is made by wix is a 1348. I just installed that one on mine last week.

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    Why not use the yamaha part?

    Is the wix supposed to be better?

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    I am running the K&N. HP-1002

    the yamaha oil filter is something like 30 bucks. Why spend that kind of money if you don't have to.

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    I get my Wix 57000 from Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts . They seem to have no trouble getting them.

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    Not sure why the Wix website does not list it.... I see a 57007 but not 57000... So 51348 was the other number I had found.
    Thanks guys!

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    I use the 51348 Wix on customers skis,the work fine

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    So im seeing 2 numbers here. 1348 and 57000. What is the number to go with?

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    1348 is for the Napa Gold filter ( wix with the the Napa name )

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    i'm finding the napa number to be 7000 same filter the use on the outboard motors, its a 3/4-16 thread, which surprises me its not metric thread....

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