I have a 2007 Sea Doo RXT. After getting a rope caught in the jet we towed it back. While towing it, the ski flipped. It took on alot of water, the whole engine compartment was filled. We got it out of the water and drained it. Took it to a shop where he drained everything, changed the oil, etc. It was running as soon as we pulled it out. The mechanic said he had it running 5 or 6 times while he was working on it. He took the electircal connectors off and put dielectric on all electrical components. After he did that it would not start.

When you put the key on there is NO power, it doesnt beep or anything. Took it to another shiop where they tested every fuze, every relay, every wire, etc. There is NOTHING that is coming up as bad. They replaced alot of electrical components to find the problem and the key still doesnt work.

Finally they grounded one of the fuses and it started right up. He installed a switch that grounds the fuze and it starts no problem. However, this is not the correct fix. Two mechanics and a sea doo rep all looked at every possible problem and they are all stumped. He said the only thing they didnt change was the wire harness itself, which im told is very expensive. He said its such a small problem they just cant figure it out.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem might be? I want to get it dont correctly, i dont want a jerry rigged switch on a brand new machine (<30 hours). Please help, greatly appreciated.