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    removed cat/con...d plate installed YAY!

    thanks to greenhulk and cajundude(stinger removal) I intalled my first d-plate...just curious...what to to with I guess its the temp sending I just clip off wire? remove and plug?(would prefer this if plug available)....also, I didn't use any gaskets or put on any sealing goop, should be okay? thanks!!!

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    depends on what year ur ski.

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    Should have used copper spray-a-gasket on the metal gaskets.
    The real experts will probably chime in later and let you know if that's a problem or not.
    Congrats on your first mod.

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    thanks man...dont think there were any??(gaskets)

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    two metal gaskets, one on either side of catcon/d-plate

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    yes, looks like they are there, whew!...must of just stayed connected to one side, guess thats why I didn't remember them!

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    Was your catalytic converter whole, or was it broken apart when you pulled it out?

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    weird, I wrote a whole long reply to this, not sure where it went?? anyway, Guess I got it at the right was completely blown out but basically intact, and turned at 90 degrees to exhaust, blocking, or severly restricting!...makes you feel good about a repair when something is so obviously wrong!

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