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    Carb Jetting Questions

    Ok I just put a new motor in my 94 SL750. last time we were in the carbs it became apparent that whoever owned these before me did not own a pop off pressure gauge, they were all way off and way different, we got them set as best we could and then the motor broke its last leg that it was standing on. well im just going to order all new needles seats springs and jets because they looked like Frankenstein carbs put together with parts from other carbs. So what are the correct stock low speed/high speed jets, idle spring and needle and seat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slipknotanfitch9 View Post
    94 SL750.
    So what are the correct stock low speed/high speed jets, idle spring and needle and seat?
    Get carb rebuild kits from JOhn Zigler. They will be all genuine Mikuni and he includes the needle and seat.

    Stock needle and seat are 2.0. I believe the silver spring gives correct 10-18 PSI popoff.
    LS jet = #75
    HS jet = #90

    In case you didn't know these when setting the carbs:

    LS adjuster = 1/2 turn out

    HS adjuster:
    MAG = 1 1/4
    CEN = 3/8
    PTO = 7/8


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    WOW!... thanks for the fast response and with all the info. One more thing, any idea what gram the silver spring is, that’s the only way I can find to find them is by gram not color.


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    Check out the Mikuni carb manual in the tech section under Fuji fuel.

    Post #7 is the manual download.

    It will have the spring info you seek.

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