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    2004 Aquatrax RX-12 DCL codes

    My ski started flashing/buzzing PGM/FI with speed limited to 3,000RPM yesterday..stranding me and the wife on a neighbor's lakefront. Played around with injector connectors and ski started acting normally and we made it home...drove around hard some more and all seems well.

    I tried to dump the codes by shorting the green-to-brown wire wires in the DLC connector (I don't have the special tool for this) then holding SET and MODE for 5 seconds. The ski beeps/flashes 4 times with a 2 second pause then beeps/flashes 11 times with a 2 second pause then repeats the cycle. There is no #4 or #11 code in the Maintenance Manual. Should I just keep running the ski...or are these codes telling me something ??

    Frank Dreano Orlando, FL

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    The procedure for pulling the codes and the list of codes is in the FAQs to the Honda Forums at PWCTODAY.COM

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    Generally there are two numbers the first set flash eg 4 and the second set gives you the second number which you count 11 which makes diag code 411 from memory codes only go from 1 up to 49

    Try to get code again using FAQ section
    Regards Xdrian

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