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    Yamaha fx 160 ho / oil spill?

    Hello there,

    I have this watercraft and was sailing for 2 hours this saturday. It was perfect conditions / flat water - so it went very fast for must Of The time. Then suddenly - The red light turn on - and The oil symbol turned on In The display. I shut down The Engine and pulled The oilstick - it showed no Oil on The stick ( i checked The Oil before i started - and it was between low & high). I got towed to The harbor - and filled 1 liter New oil to The Engine - and started The Engine - it sounded fine and wellworking. I went home - SMS Then i realized that The rear Of The hull was filled With Engine Oil?

    Dů you have Any experience - With this problem? Maybee a good idea of where The Oil comes from?

    Thanks for a good site!

    Best regards

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    did you check to see if your oil filter was on tight enough?

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    Unfortunately I just had the same symptoms in my 2006 fx ho cruiser and when I got home I found out I threw a rod through my engine core and now I need a new engine.. hope ur problem is not as bad.. it'll cost me about $4000 to fix and I only rode it for 20 he's since I bought it used... ugh!

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