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Thread: Breaking in

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    Breaking in

    I'm in the process of rebuilting my GP1200R, I replace with 3 new Pro X piston 80mm. What is the correct way to break in the piston, How many hour of break in is needed. Is there any thing else i need to know? Thanks

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    Keep the throttle moving allot. short burst only. Also add a little 2 stroke oil on your first tank of fuel. A tank of fuel has alway work for me for break in. Some people might not agree. Look at more post to judge.

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    Keep the throttle under 3/4 for the first tank full of gas. Breakin also requires extra oil. If you are still using the oil injection, then fill the fuel tank with sround 50:1 premix. if you are currently running premix, then add extra oil. Not sure what the preferred ratio is there.
    When you ride, let it warm up for 5 minutes before you get into the throttle. Then you want to put some good load on the engine, just not WOT. But don't baby it too much.

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