I have a 94' seedoo sp. Bought it last year and it would not run finally got a chance to work on it this month and I'm having a few problems after I got it to run.

This is the problem... When I put it out on the water I turn it on and pull on the throttle and the ski will go about 5-6mph for 30secs to a minute. Finally it will gradually build up speed and run just fine. When it finally gets up to speed the engine sounds great most of the time but it will sound like its bogging down every once in awhile. When i slow the ski back down to idle and try to get back up I start the whole process of having to wait about 30secs to a minute for it to start building up speed sometimes it wont build speed up at all and I have to turn the ski off and try again.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

I've cleaned the carbs already....

Also, there are a lot of nicks on the bottom of the ski if I sand that down will it improve the speeds of the ski I'm thinking it tops out at about 30mph and want more speed. Think it sould be going atleast 40-45mph??? Any suggestions on improving the speed?

Thanks for the help in advance.