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Thread: 780 Seat Seal

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    780 Seat Seal

    Is this a special weatherstripping for around the lip of the engine compartment under the seat, or can this stuff be found anywhere? Mine sadly has deteriorated and lost its adhesion over time. Trying to get it done before the weekend, would like to get on the water. Tried Home Depot without luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scuba Steve View Post
    Tried Home Depot without luck.
    thats where i got mine

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    There are a few HD in town, maybe the one I went to didn't stock it. Guess I'll go on the hunt tomorrow.

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    Nothing special.

    Just need a high density adhesive backed weather seal.

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    I bought an automotive weatherstrip from JC Whitney. Its the same material as the stock one, its just a little smaller

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