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    Unhappy Help fighting the cdi or something

    hello to all i hope you can help.

    i have a 96 tiger shark 650 montegu. This story begins with a the jet ski starting up running great for about 15 minutes and dying in the middle of the lake. I crawl off and find there to be no spark. I took a 90's cheverlet car ignition coil and wired it in where the origional wire was. Great i had spark again. 15 min later stranded again. So i order a used brain box will all the wiring and an original coil. Installing the new box does nothing. no fix and no spark. So i order a used stator cover. Install it and nothing no fix. I am an auto mechanic so i decide to tear into the project. Check all the wiring and find signal when cranking on the white with green and white with red wires. So i talk the salvage into trading my stator cover for a new cdi. I was happy as could be when the thing fired the first time. Took it to the lake and drove it for 20 min and no failures. I took about 3 weeks fixing the trailer and a couple of fiberglass dings.

    Now here i am again no spark. I am getting siginal to the cdi. I just found a manual on these forms and will ohm everything. I was told that the heat sensor might cause this.

    Help any thing would be great. I was told that the electrical was never a problem on tiger sharks. The ski is great and motor is even better.
    thanks alan
    [email protected]

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    Hello to all

    I have found the problem. i must thank the member that put the downloadable wiring schematics for a tiger shark on this form.

    I had checked all the wires and switches mutipal times.
    The cure!!!!!!
    My safty switch on the handle bar was sticking. It worked every time i tested it but i caught it failing. I cut the green safty wire to the cdi and wammmo it started having spark.
    I tore the switch apart and lubed it still did not cure it. I had to strech the spring which was originall an inch long to over 3 inches to stiffen the push it needed. Got it working and it runs great.
    Hope this will help some one else out in the future.

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