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    new CDI where does gray wire go?

    I just got a updated CDI and stator for my 99 Polaris slth and there is a gray wire that i don't know where to put. anyone know?

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    It's a limp mode function wire. I'm sure someone else will chime in with a positive answer, but I believe it hooks to the brown wire male spades on the electrical board.

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    Isn't there a set of gray terminals on the board?

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    The grey wire with the large spade connecter is for "limp mode" option.
    The 99 slth did not use any "limp mode", just warning light and message.
    The instructions should mention that wire,just leave it unplugged.
    If you wanted "limp mode" for overheat-that would be the "tan" terminal.

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    Casey is right. On mine I connected it to the grey terminal, however there is nothing else connected to that terminal, so the wire essentially does nothing.

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