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    throttle body butterfly adjustments help

    when you let off the throttle should the butterflys be shut all the way in all 3 bodies?

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    When off the throttle they should all be shut on the stops. If they are fully closed your engine will stall. Full closed on the "Stops" there should be a small gap, not full flush closed

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    what will happen if they arent adjusted properly?

    what symptoms will the ski have if they arent adjusted properly? I'm having a problem at idle. Ski wont stay running without any throttle...summer is a wasting and i cant get this thing running. thanks for your help.

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    first hold down the function button until the codes show up. See if you get 01, if it is something else let us know.

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    It flashes 48 very quickly.then 01 stays on the screen. I recently changed the throttle bodies and am thinking they are out of sync .

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    did u try turning up the idle speed???

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    No I haven't tried that yet. I am going to pull it back apart tonight and replace the tps and try to set all the butterflies. I will turn up the idle speed then. It's just turning the screw right? I have zero experience w EFI engines...ideas?

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