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    2011 STX-15F Buying Questions

    I am the FNG of the board but am having difficulty finding what I am looking forso I decided to post. I am considering the purchase of an STX-15F and have a few questions. This pwc would be used by myself and my wife for cruising and watersports. It would be used in salt and brackish water in both intercoastal and ocean (nearshore). This would be the first pwc although I am an avid boater, always rented or used friends, never owned. I would be purchasing the pwc with a minimum 3 year additional warranty and possibly the full 48 months.

    From a popularity standpoint, Kawasaki appears to behind Sea-Doo & Yamaha, is this because of brand marketing or more serious reliability issues?

    I have read about belt issues, I don't know anything about this other than what I have seen on other forums. This issue has people avoiding Kawasaki because of this issue. Would this be covered by warranty? Something to be concerned about?

    Any suggestions on good OTD price? I am located in S. FL. The dealer also has an 08 Honda f-15x, leftover, brand new. I believe price is around 10 and change. Thoughts about a brief comparison on 2 models? Honda heavier but has turbo, slightly faster and all around bigger.

    I appreciate any insight you may offer. I want to be sure I make the best decision for us and feedback is always helpful.

    Thank you.

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    Not sure what belt issue you are referring to but a great price would be $7,000. That is what I have seen new leftover 2010 STX-15f models advertised for in my area. That's obviously not OTD though.

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    The belt you are referring to is a supercharger belt, of which does not exist on the 15F. That would be on the Ultra Platform.
    The honda is a nice ski, but it is 3 model years old as far as book value is concerned so 10k seems a bit high. Also honda stopped making them so I dont know what kind of future support would exist.

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    Thank you guys, after researching here and talking to friends etc, I'm leaning heavily towards the STX-15f, I'm not seeing much negative information on this pwc.

    Aqua- thanks for the price suggestion, it is good to know. Ballpark, I'm not sure if this one is a 2010 or 2011 but the dealer has made it know that they are eager to make a sell and move the units off the floor. Sitting skis don't make money.

    Red- I'm thinking the same thing on the Honda, 3 yes old, Honda not making them anymore, i want it for 9 if possible, I may be crazy in asking for that but no one is breaking the door down at the dealers to get these, there are 2 at one dealer and 10 at a dealer in ft. Lauderdale. Thanks again guys!

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    Actually, now I'm the FNG. This is a good piece of info for me in that I'm looking for 2 new ski's. I've looked at the Seadoo GTS and Kawi. Prices are all over the place. Some dealers seem to want to make a sale and others seem like they sell ski's as a side line. I wish there was a site that all could post for what they paid for a new ski and when. Seems like that info is top secret held by the dealers.

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