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    Engine having problems opening up at full throttle. Help!

    I have a 94' seedoo sp. Bought it last year and it would not run finally got a chance to work on it this month and I'm having a few problems after I got it to run.

    This is the problem... When I put it out on the water I turn it on and pull on the throttle and the ski will go about 5-6mph for 30secs to a minute. Finally it will gradually build up speed and run just fine. When it finally gets up to speed the engine sounds great most of the time but it will sound like its bogging down every once in awhile. When i slow the ski back down to idle and try to get back up I start the whole process of having to wait about 30secs to a minute for it to start building up speed sometimes it wont build speed up at all and I have to turn the ski off and try again.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

    I've cleaned the carbs already....

    Also, there are a lot of nicks on the bottom of the ski if I sand that down will it improve the speeds of the ski I'm thinking it tops out at about 30mph and want more speed. Think it sould be going atleast 40-45mph??? Any suggestions on improving the speed?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    I would do a compression check first.
    Then if you are positive the carbs are conected to fuel system correctly look at the rest of the fuel system for dirt and obstruction. There is a sticky about cleaning the fuel system at the top.

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    when you say you cleaned the carbs what exactly did you do? have you checked to see if the turns on the high low screws are correct? have you changed the fuel lines as previously posted by Muldoon?

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    I have not done a compression check yet... I'll try that tomorrow... What readings should I get???

    I do think the compression is ok but I'm going to check it...

    As far as the carbs... Yesterday all i did was really spray it out with carb cleaner and had that same results.

    Today.... I went up to the seedoo dealership and bought a rebuild kit and rebuilt the carbs. The carbs were really bad I wish I would of taken a picture. The filter was filled with dirt and the gaskets were shot. I replaced everything. Took it back out to the lake to test it out. The ski would only do about 4-6mph. It would not even get up to full speed now after about 2 minutes like it was doing.

    I have no clue how to tune the carbs could you let me know what kind of adjustments I can make?

    Any suggestions on what the problem could be now that the carbs are clean??? I know it may be the compression but if the compression is good and I'm still getting the same results where do I go from there?

    Thanks for the help guys... I've put so much work into this ski and money and my wife is riding my ass because it wont work right she wants to ride it..

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    change your spark plugs, and check your coil. what kind of RPM's are you getting? is it just shuttering? did you also replace the needle and seats? did you hook up the fuel lines correctly?

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    Ok... I finally found the REAL problem. The carbs were bad but the reason it would not pick up any speed is because the wear ring was GONE. The rubber was torn off and not getting any pressure also the impeller was cracked on the inside. Bought a new wear ring and oil 80 bucks to fix. I have a parts ski in the back that had a spare impreller so that saved me $300 bucks.

    Took it out to the lake for a test run and I was very surprised how quick it was going topped out at about 54.

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