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    04 RXP Oil Warning

    First off, I'd like to say hello everyone. I'm new to the forums and new to the whole power watercraft arena.

    I've worked on quite a bit of import cars and have done various things ranging from exterior body work to complete engine swaps. Last swap performed was a s15 silvia engine into a nissan 240sx chassis.

    With that aside, I've a modified 2004 Seadoo RXP in my possession. My cousin owns two pwcs both supercharged seadoos, however, he's not the type to get his hands dirty to perform the maintenance on them. So he agreed to let me do the maintenance on them and compensate me for it.

    Alright now the issue:

    While we were out at Lake Marion on memorial day the 04 RXP was throwing an oil warning. This was one of two problems. The other problem was it rapidly kept losing coolant. I later discovered this to be due to a hose clamp on the lower intake side of the engine that had corroded and broke off.

    With that solved it was back to the oil warning problem.
    This warning seems to be intermittent.
    On last Friday, I took the rxp out on lake wylie after fixing the hose clamp and refilled the engine with coolant. Everything seemed fine. The water was smooth and after warming the engine up I rode around for about 30 minutes going back and forth at 65 mph. There was no problems with the oil warning.
    This past Sunday, I took it out on the lake again, but this time after warming it up, the oil warning came on again. The oil level was fine. And after replugging the key the warning went back off for a while but then quickly returned after a few seconds of running the engine. Also I should mention that it goes into limp mode allowing only about 2k-3k rpm during the oil warning.

    I took it back to the house put it on a hose and hooked up an oil pressure gauge to the service port located on the side of the filter canister. At a cold start the gauge reads 80-90 psi. After the engine warmed up the oil pressured creeped down to and fluctuated between 32 and 34 psi at idle (1750-1800 rpm). When revving the motor the oil pressure can go to 60-80 psi.

    I've searched and read a few posts here on the forums. A few threads mentioned problems with faulty oil pressure senders; others mentioned oil filters or oil pumps.

    I ordered the maintenance kit from Seadoo that included spark plugs, filter, o-rings, and the oil.

    I'd like to here some opinions on what could be causing the oil warning.
    The maintenance kit just came in so I will be changing the plugs, oil, and filter, then take it out to see if it was maybe a clogged oil filter.

    Edit: Just wanted to post up that the problem with this ski was an old oil filter which was causing the oil warning. After purchasing the Seadoo maintenance kit, the plugs, oil, and filter were all changed. No oil warning since.
    I've no idea when the last oil/filter change was done on this thing. It currently has 50 hours on it. I get to ride it during the summer so I'd like to keep it running at the very least for my benefit.
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    Good to see you,...o4's are common for the oil pressure sensors going bad,cheap fix(hope)and ride it again and see if thats fixes it...

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    thanks for your reply

    Any idea if the symptoms above resemble at all a problem with the oil pump?
    Also which sensor should I go with? I've seen conflicting info on the oil sensors. Some say go with the 04 others say the newer one.

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    changed the oil, filter, and spark plugs. no more oil warning light.
    after my last ride on the jetski there's a weird vibration going on when giving it throttle above 3k-3.5k rpms. The more throttle the more violently it shakes. Speedometer is not reading as well. Rechecked the sparkplugs and they look fine and I don't see any damage in the combustion chambers.
    My next guess is either debris or a problem with the driveshaft. Any clues on how to go about diagnosing a problem with the driveshaft? Will be inspecting for debris in the morning.

    Update: Rock was wedged between the wear ring and impeller blade. Wear ring was cut in two by the friction from the rock. Wear ring should be here tomorrow afternoon.
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