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    GP1300R with blown motor...what to do?


    I have an '03 GP1300R with '05 spec pump and Riva stage 2 mods. I just spent $2700 on a custom paint job, pump rebuild, and TPS sensor replacement (came in WAY over estimate...would not have spent that much on it had I been told that up front).

    When I got the ski back from the shop, it nearly sank the first time I rode it. Long story short, a drain from the bilge and a cooling line to the engine were reversed, so it was pumping its own hull full of water. It got water into all 3 cylinders when it nearly sank...sat overnight, and then removed plugs and blew it out the next day. Checked compression (125-116-120...lower than expected with Riva heads, but it was also on a cold engine). Took it out and ran it...ran fine; saw 68.9 on GPS, no supermanning or anything (until the throttle cable came undone...had to limp home so I could hook that back up).

    A week later, I was riding it and had a catastrophic engine failure. I removed the head of the #3 cylinder, and found the following: image for larger version. 

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    I don't know if it's the fault of the shop. I see no corrosion inside the engine (as best as I can tell with limited visibility...obviously can't tell anything about the bearings), or any obvious burn marks. The connecting rod appears intact, as best as I can tell by looking through the gap beside the piston. I kinda expected to see a broken rod, caused by a failed/corroded bearing, but all I can see damaged so far is a demolished piston/cylinder. The piston ring is broken, but who knows if that was the cause or an effect?

    The best I could get the shop owner to agree to is to repair it for dealer cost on parts + a somewhat discounted labor rate...the estimate this time is $695 for a top end, or just under $2500 for installation of a reman engine (actually, that was just with new Riva head hardware...the #3 head is trashed, so it'll be an additional couple hundred bucks for a full set of Riva heads + hardware). That's obviously more than fair (other than I feel like I got overcharged the first time, plus the repair took about 8 months!) if the failure isn't his fault...of course, if I knew that it was his fault, I shouldn't have to pay anything at all.

    Regardless, I really can't see spending that much for the engine replacement just to get back to where I was...that'll be significantly more in repair bills in just a couple of weeks than I paid for the ski. If I could get away with a top-end rebuild, that might be tolerable, but I'm not optimistic about that, and I don't want to pay to get the engine removed and taken apart only to find it isn't salvageable.

    I'm inclined to just throw up my hands and sell it as-is. I don't know how much I could get for an essentially totally overhauled and nicely modified ski, with the exception of it having a blown engine. My other option is to build a conversion ski out of it, but I don't know how much that would at least some of the work is beyond the scope of my abilities, and I definitely won't have the time to mess with it for a good while...(single dad to a 4-year old for the next month and a half, active-duty Marine officer, about to move to another duty station, and just filed some more paperwork to re-open a custody fight with my daughter's mother...I just can't get into doing a motor swap on my own right now).

    Any guidance from you guys who have blown up more skis than I have?

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    My experience is telling me that you have damaged cases and that crank is garbage. Sorry for the bad news.

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    Oh yeah, like I said, I'm not optimistic that I can get away with a top-end rebuild.

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    From past exp. pull the whole engine check every inch of the engine its not that hard.You may get lucky and not have as much damage as you think.

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    The entire motor is shot since you didn't attempt to re-start and get all the water out of the engine immediately after it flooded. When 2 strokes motors flood you have a small window to get all the water out and get them re-started with little to no damage.

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    Plan b. Sell it. If ur pa area pm me

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    ^^ yeah, lesson learned. What would the cause of failure be (due to the flooding), considering that it ran fine immediately after clearing it out?

    ^ in NC. There is a chance that I could have a buddy take it to Pittsburgh for me, though.

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    pull the motor and build a single pipe 1390 or 1500. There are tons of deals on the forum right now on 66v parts. complete bottom ends with t&w cranks for $800 , top end sets ect... a 1800cc conversion would be nice but is a lot of work and even more expense. If you play your cards right and look for good deals from good sellers you can probabally put a 1390 together for $2000 and thats using quality parts. A hull with a blown motors only going to bring x amount of $$$s -if you have some mechanical ability you can do this yourself-there are plenty of us on here to help along the way and ill send you a factory manual email free. Think about it before making a rash decision- things arent always as bad as they seem. I wouldnt know what its like to buy a running ski-the more broken the better-lol

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    Curious to know what caused that... looks like some severe detonation to me but I'm no gpr expert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xsockguyx View Post
    The entire motor is shot since you didn't attempt to re-start and get all the water out of the engine immediately after it flooded. When 2 strokes motors flood you have a small window to get all the water out and get them re-started with little to no damage.
    this lead to the damage, very small window i might add, the hour it occured makes no diff, if it takes all night, then so be it !

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