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    1996 seadoo gti bogging

    Hello, I am new to this site and pwc's. I recently purchased 2 used skis (1993 seadoo spx & 1996 seadoo gti) .They both run great but memorial day weekend my 1996 gti started bogging at wot and then it started bogging about any time I was on the throttle. I have read about the fuel lines wich I think I can do but I am kinda of hesitant to get into the carbs. Do you think something may have pushed through and got into carbs. ? I realy nead this thing running asap. Thanks.

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    Welcome to GH. There is nothing to fear on the carbs. they are quite simple. once you get the air box off its just four bolts(if its a dual carb two bolts if its single) then just pull the carb out. the cables have enough slack to get it to where you can work on them to get the cables of easy. nothing can push through the carbs. there is a little black tube screen in the carb that fills with gunk from the degrading fuel lines. clean that out with qtips and carb cleaner and replace your fuel lines.

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    I replaced the fuel lines and cleaned the carbs the best that I could. Took back out on water and it is still bogging. One other thing that I failed to mention is my battery light stays on all the time, even after I charge the battery. I have read that a bad rectifier can cause the engine to bog. I appreciate all the help with my issues.

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    Got the filters in the carbs. cleaned and it is running like a champ. Thanks for the wealth of information on here. Even a dummy like me can do some of this stuff.

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    dont forget to clean the fuel selector. clean it good. i did my fuel lines and carbs and the second or third ride out it started surging again. so today i took the carbs off again and they were spotless. so after some head scratching i looked at the fuel selector. cleaned it out really good and it runs great! Q-tips,brake-kleen,and compressed air should do the trick. oh ya, i did all that in 2hrs and 15 mins. that includes goin to the auto parts store(only a few blocks away) and cleaning the fuel selector.

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