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Thread: Seadoo 2001 RX

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    Seadoo 2001 RX

    I purchased a 2001 Seadoo RX and the ski does not respond in any way to the key. MPEM has power to all the fuses and they are good. The post checks out okay but both black wires leading to the post have power when they are unplugged from the post. My quess is the MPEM is gone. Does any on heve one for sale? Ski also does not respond to the advanced check mode. When the starter solenoid is jumped the motor turns over. Thanks for any help

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    Are you sure you have the right key? As in not from another Doo?

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    even with the wrong key it should beep. Also, if the key engages the post it seems that one would have power and the other would close the circuit.

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