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    zxi 900 only running on 2! help!

    first of all, my buddy flooded it real bad just trying to start it in my garage.... the next day i put new plugs in and it fired right up. i took it to the local river and it seemed as if i foulded the plugs. so i took them out and noticed the front end plug was a different color than the rest, white ish and not nearly as dark as other plugs. i took the air box cover off just to check to see if it was getting fuel and i noticed as 'back fire' flame popping once in a while from the end carb with the whitish plug.....

    please tell me what i should do next?

    any suggestions are welcome,

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    Start with the basics.
    White plug could mean air leak or not enough fuel (lean condition). Backfire could be many things such as spark plug wire, timing, etc.
    So with these things in mind I would check and replace the wiring if needed, ensure the timing is spot-on, and ensure the carb is adjusted correctly (rich/lean ratio) and that there are no rubber diaphrams that need replacing in it. Also, how old are the reed valves? you could have a broken reed on that cylinder.
    I would also run it out of the water (connected to a hose of course) and have all the plugs removed to make sure I've purged and crap out of the combustion chambers. I'd also make sure the case was empty by pulling the plug at the bottom (assuming the zxi900's have these which I have to believe they do) There could be a lot of water or fuel in the case and you should make sure its alright in there. Hope this helps.

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    i guess i should also mention that this was the first time i ran it on water, other than starting in for a few seconds to hear it run, with no water connected. it ran great on the trailer......

    also can u be a little more specific about the plugs on the case?

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    What's the compression on each jug?
    Should be around 120 psi at sea level.

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    There is usually a plug at the bottom of these cases where you can drain them (at least that's my memory). But I do know that you can pull the intake/carbs and reed valves and check the interior that way too. Doing this will serve to purposes. Checking for crap inside your ski motor AND checking the condition of the reeds.

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    im pretty positive the compression is good on all holes, it was a recently fresh rebuild and ran flawlessly not in water....

    ohhhhh alrighty now i gotchya on the case deal.....

    i also was thinking maybe i got some water in the exhaust there possibly? and maybe thats washing out the plug?? it this possible? when i get home tonite im going to try and cut the plug wire and put new plugs in again....

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    you can only be positive after a compression test has been done, makes no diff when it was freshly rebuilt !

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    just trying to be optimistic here! but anywho, trimed about 1/4 off of plug wire, same thing.... but it does get lots of beautiful spark!

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    95, 95, 60 ! not cool

    it already is .50 bored and the pistons look real sloppy in there..... any recomendations on pistons and where to buy them from???

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    Did u use a little oil for the compression check in each cylinder? If the low cylinder was not firing and is dry it will show Low compression. They will run pretty good on the trailer with only two cylinders firing.

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