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    Ultra 150 Trim Problem

    I have 99' Ultra 150 and the trim goes down and back up to neutral but if I try to go above neutral it will not allow me to. I have replaced the Trim module, Trim Motor, Trim Cable all with no success. Does it even go above neutral or am I missing something? Do I need to replace a fuse or adjust something? I would need some instruction to make the changes being kinda new to the ski world. If need be I can post the Owners manual for the 99' and can only find the 03-05 service manual.

    Owners Manual:

    Service Manual(password: cheese) :

    Thanks in Advance!

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    Oh, man! You should have come here first! The Ultra 150 trim doesn't go above neutral.

    What you have to do to make it ride better is:

    A) Adjust the trim cable as short as it will go.

    B) Cut the end of the trim cable off and adjust it as short as it will go, giving more UP travel.

    C) Make a new bracket that goes from the cable to the nozzle. Move the hole for the trim cable back to get more UP. I moved mine 3/4", which is the amount of travel the trim gives you. My Down is now Neutral, and my Neutral is way UP. It makes it a fun boat to ride, now!

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    Thanks for that information. Now on to selling the parts.

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