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    95 Sp Fuel Gauge

    I just purchased a 95 Sp. There is an empty hole on the hood. I assume that this is for a fuel gauge. I can't find a loose harness that would connect to this though. Did some of them just come without a gauge and some kind of block off plate instead. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I am pretty sure most of them came with gages. I am not sure with that model but sometimes it will plug in between something in the wiring harness. Look at the top of your gas tank where the pick up tub go in. If there is a wirer coming out the top of it you should have the fuel gage sending sensor. There is a float with a magnet in this tub that sometime fall out making the gage not work. If you buy a gage and it doesn't work check this out. All the banging around on the water Makes this happen. It sound like all you need is the gage. Just saw a used one on Ebay for $12. But be careful sometimes they don't work. I just look up the OEM parts finder and the sp might not had a fuel gage Because it has 2 part number for that spi and sp. Sorry I didn't known. It would be pretty easy to change out but the wiring would be the only thing. Most of the sp, spi and spx are enter changeable.

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    yes it came without gauges.

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    Was there some sort of block off plate? I can't seem to find a P/N for it.

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    Nvm I was looking at the wrong Micro I think its P/N 269700035.

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