The weather was beautiful and hot in Myrtle Beach with the water and waves changing thru out the weekend. Saturday started off with freestyle taking the water first. I was suffering some electrical issues and had only an opportunity to pull off a few tricks but one backflip that was huge using my xscream1000 to pull it off of a two foot wave. The closed course racing was exciting all day with Dustin Farthing and other top riders pulling huge airs and technical turns as they navigated the sets of breaking waves. The Jettribe rig was on hand with Derrick Correll and family helping. The booth was busy with a top pit spot right as you walked up to the Springmaid Beach pier! Sunday was full of return spectators geared up in their new Jettribe digs ready to see more action!

The fans were also stoked for all the Jettribe crowd control free schwag! A huge amount was provided as fans answered trivia questions about the event and did anything to catch one of the many great promo bags passed out from the tower of power! I had a great time at the ProHydroCross nationals in Myrtle Beach! Although I was a little bummed to have ski issues but I just got back to Clearwater to the teamXscream shop to fix the ski and get ready for the IJSBA National tour coming up in two weeks! See you in Racine!