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    Can anyone recommend me a good battery that will last me a long time?

    I'm sick of replacing batteries every other year, even if I took them out of my '02 GTX-DI and put it in the cabinet or on my workbench and charge it once a month to keep it topped off.

    I've already had these:

    Yuma (came installed with the ski, lasted 3 yrs)

    Odyssey - worst one, did not last a year

    Deka - lasted almost 2 years (now won't charge past 6 volts)

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    i have a crappy walmart battery....invest in a battery tender. i have a $50 battery lasting 3 years so far

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    u must be doing something ive got a gel cell ive had for like 4 years so far.. i charge it for 2 or 3 days right before i put it back in the ski after sitting for a winter...

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    Dont ever let your battery go dead. It goes to shit after that

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    Quote Originally Posted by airbornexp View Post
    i have a crappy walmart battery....invest in a battery tender. i have a $50 battery lasting 3 years so far
    +1 on the tender,its the only way. i bought the Neverstart Maxx and its fine.. ,also i might add is to keep it in a relatively warm area in the winter

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    +2 on the tender.

    Two batteries on one tender over the winter with five year old Odysseys and they are still going strong.

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