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    Seadoo RX Carburetor Removal--HELP Please

    Hey all,

    my ski has recently started to foul one plug-the right one if you are looking from carb side, while the other plug was fine.

    i have changed the plugs and the same is happening after just 1hr run time.

    the ski has also recently started to bog down at about 3.2k revs if throttling gradually.

    if i boot it however it responds better with only the slightest of bogging.

    anyway-have been advised to take carbs off, unless you guys think its anything else???

    now, im no mechanic-nor am i mechanicly minded but i like to try anything, so far i have moved the air intake out of the way (removed from carbs but cant seem to take it completely out as its catching on something-probably carbs lol)

    i have managed to remove the choke cable (although i dont think i have done it right-i unbolted the swivel spring loaded mechanism on both carbs to remove cable)

    i have also removed pulse line and i think fuel inlet line (line above pulse line)

    but i have no idea on how to remove the throttle cable as it runs underneath carbs so im stumoed--thats the only problem, i need to see what im doin lol

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    Yea, I would start with a carb clean up. You can probably get away with just cleaning the carbs as most I worked on never needed diaphrams.
    I cleaned them with WD 40 and a closth once apart, just make sure they are pliable and not real stiff.

    You have to remve the plastic intake from the rear. It is a pain in the ass, but you con do it.

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    ok thanks

    so how do i take off the throttle cable?

    im also going to clean rave valves

    this ski had a full dealer service only 23hrs ago (thats how many hours i have put on it in about 8weeks lol)

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