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    Oil capacity- rant....

    Finished rebuilding the engine for my 2005 RXT, couldn't remember how much oil goes into a new engine, I knew it was around 4 qts, but checked both the service manual and operators manual to be sure.

    It said 4.1 qts, so I put 4 qts in and run it on the hose. Checked the oil level, just touching the bottom of dipstick, WTF? Then I read the manual more carefully, and also looked at the 2009 manual. For several years they had a typo; it says 4.5L( 4.1 qts), when it should say 4.5L (4.8 qts) (they corrected it somewhere between 05 and 09.) The replacement oil value is wrong also.

    Put .8 quart in, and now it reads right in the center of dipstick.

    Sea Doo manuals are terrible. If they took some responsibility for all the mistakes in the manuals, perhaps they would hire some people that knew how to write technical manuals......

    Update; went back and looked in my manuals. The typo starts in 2003, and is still wrong in the 2007 manual. I don't have a 2008 manual, but the 2009 has the correct value. So they had it screwed up for at least 4 years.

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    Thats some good info. Thanks for posting it!

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