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    2004 msx 150 engine with 19 hours

    A friend purchased this ski that was on a houseboat that caught fire, it only cosmetically burned the ski. i removed the engine, harness etc for a spare. He has since sold his ski's and I would like it out of my shop. It has been in a sealed box and should be in good running condition. If I remember correctly the compression was 130-130 but since the engine has been sitting for two years well make your own assement. I have the eecu, cooler, ppu, harness, engine, injectors etc. Just trying to help him get it our of my shop.

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    Location? Price?

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    really just looking for offers don't know what there worth, Just trying to help him out.

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    Sorry location is dallas ga..

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    is there a turbo for sale?

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    Hi, can you email me your phone number Im really interested, I live in florida. My email is [email protected] Thanks

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    hi have a msx 150 in need of ppu asm.can u email me @ [email protected]. thanks dennis.

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    Looking for boost controler. Thanks pm me if you want to sell

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    Can you email me [email protected] looking possibly for cylinder heads.

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    iminneed of ppu asm. 626-914-8979. [email protected] thanx

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