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    Talking Do i get rid of catylaic conv. in exhaust or replace sensors 00 gp 1200r

    customer wants me too get rid of catylac conv. and put in a bypass or plate of some sort to do away with cat. and pic up more HP.He says its two different sensors in the exhaust thats causin the buzzer to beep,and someone told him to bypass or put n a plate to do away with catylac con. and pic up more HP.If anyone knos anything bout this procedure and thinks its worth the time and where i can get info on installing and buying Please let me kno! Thanx, Motormadness !

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    get rid of the cat = yes
    for that year ski, there is a chip/resistor readily avail, use that for the Cat/temp sensor...

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    Yes do it for reliability but it won't give any extra HP. In fact the motor will drop 50 RPM because the D plate has a little less back pressure than the cat con.

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    Get rid of the cat con and And get the D Plate and the Cat Temp Sensor Chip. You will be glad you did....

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    Where can I get the d plate and chip, how much do they cost usually and do I have to program the chip or anything like that. Thanx guys

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    its a fairly easy mod...also a no brainer...they can be bought on here, less than 100 for plate and chip(not really a chip, just a sealed resister in male plug.) check the faqs for instructions, nice easy to follow tutorial by cajundude...also as mentioned, no real gain unless cat is severly restricting exhaust now.

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    Thanx man ! I'll check it out wen I get the ski.

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    It's really simple. about 30 mins or less. u'll be gald u did it.

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    Here's the D-Plate. I believe the R&D plate is favorable over the Riva plate due to a slightly smaller hole size...

    And here's the Cat Temp Sensor.

    Use coupon code "Greenhulk" at checkout for 10% off.

    And finally, here's a step-by-step to get the stinger off. Once you get the stinger off, it's as simple as removing some bolts, putting the D-Plate in place, and bolting it in. You might also want to get some "Copper Spray A Gasket" to put on the gaskets of the stinger. Just to make sure everything is sealed well.

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    Thanx to all that replied to my question about the d plate and chip for a 02 yamaha.I havent recieved the ski yet but when i do i will make a recommended approach to get these parts and put them in.All the info and input is very much need and helpful.I let u kno if he decides to go with it and how it goes putting it in and runs. Thanxs again for ur help !Motormadness

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