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    93 polaris 750 SL stator work in 95 polaris 750 SLT?

    I traded out the entire engine from a 93 750 SL into a 95 750 SLT. I get no spark and have tested the kill switch to make sure there is no malfunction.

    Is the stator from the 93 compatible with the 95?

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    Not really. 93 is anaolg signal while the 95 is digital.

    It should work at first, but will most likely fail sometime soon.

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    It currently doesn't work at all. The 93 engine and stator ran just fine before I took it out the 95 SLT had a blown engine (it put a piston rod through the block), so I know that the engine did not fail because of electrical. I would like to keep the electrical box to the 95 in there because it functions with the gauges which are digital. The 93 electrical box had mechanical gauges so I know that the old box will not run the gauges on the 95 SLT.

    Looking at a wiring diagram for the stator there is a jumper on the 95 SLT that is not on the diagram for the 93 SL so I am thinking that I will need to swap out the stator in order for this ski to function correctly.

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    So I traded out the CDI from the 93 750SL and everything functions now. I don't know if this CDI and stator combo did the trick or if the other CDI was just bad. Either way I am headed to the lake tomorrow.

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    The 95 CDI was most likely not compatible with the 93 stator.

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